Audubon Outings

Date: Friday, March 31 

Place: Webb Wildlife Management Area, Garnett, SC
Meeting Spot: Webb Wildlife Management Area Visitor’s Center Time: 8:30 am

Limit: 20 

Leader: Jane Hester

Additional information: The Webb Wildlife Management Area is managed by the South Carolina DNR, and is one of South Carolina’s Important Bird Areas. The property contains over 12,000 acres of varied habitats including longleaf and loblolly pine forests, mixed hardwood forests, ponds, and cultivated open fields. Bordering the Savannah River, Webb also features about 4500 acres of bottomland hardwoods, with old growth cypress stands.  

For birders, Webb offers a tremendous opportunity for a variety of woodland species such as red-headed woodpecker, brown-headed nuthatch and yellow-throated warbler, as well as a good chance to observe two birds listed as “endangered” in South Carolina - the red-cockaded woodpecker, and the Bachman’s sparrow. Both birds are currently active there and we will visit a number of places on the property to find them.  

We’ll drive to various locations in Webb WMA to get out for short walks along the roads and trails.

To insure the best birding for the group, we will want to limit the number of cars traveling through the property. Anyone wishing to carpool to Webb WMA should meet at Neo's Restaurant in the parking lot at Moss Creek Village and be ready to leave by 7:30 am. The travel time to Webb WMA from Neo’s is one hour. Directions and more information about Webb WMA is available at

To sign up for this field trip, please contact Bob Speare at or 843-715-9772.

Our final field trip of the spring season, will be a visit to the Solomon Track section of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Timed for the spring songbird migration, this will be a terrific trip to look and listen for number of warblers including prothonotary, ovenbird, Northern waterthrush and more. This part of the refuge, located on the Georgia side, is also a great place to find indigo bunting, blue grosbeak, among a variety of songbirds.

The date for this field trip is Saturday, May 6. More information on this trip will follow shortly.