Monthly Meetings and Classes

Monthly meetings are regularly scheduled September through May at 3 pm on the second Thursday. Meetings are free and the public is welcome.

OCTOBER HHI Audubon Society Program 

 by: Dave Davis, President – Sun City Bird Club,

Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 3:00 – 4:15 pm

   Coastal Discovery Museum 

 "Doing Citizen Science The Hard Way: The Kirtland’s Warbler Annual Census"


Dave will regale us with his epic 5 days in the Michigan Jack Pine Barrens counting America’s rarest songbird. Dave writes: “This will be the story of how I froze in the 4 AM frost then sweated through the rest of the day. How I ruined four pieces of clothing and endured twenty lacerations and three bruises. I’ll describe my technique for walking 15 miles over jackstrawed tree trunks while simultaneously forcing my way through interlaced pine branches--not to mention watching where I placed every step for fear that I would crush a nest. Overall, it was a good week--the rain held off, the bugs weren’t bad, I felt fantastic after it was over, AND I saw 3 Kirtland’s Warblers.” I’ll also tell the story of the Kirtland’s Warbler, a little bird that came back from the brink of extinction on a big song and a sea of flames and how it matters to the South Carolina Lowcountry.


Dave hales from Michigan. Educated as a geologist, he taught briefly at Sonoma State University in California before embarking on a 31-year career with the Geological Survey Division of the Michigan DNR. After retirement in 2012 and seeking a quiet life, Dave moved to Sun City Hilton Head and took up Birding. He has served on the Executive Board of the Sun City Bird Club for 4 years and is currently President.

Our annual picnic is held in May.

Regular Board meetings are held at 10:00 AM on the first Thursday of the month.

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Birding 101 - An Introduction to Birding

Birding 101

January 6, 13, 20 and 27

9:30 am to 11:30 am

Coastal Discovery Museum in the New Discovery Room

Learn about the birds you see on your island

   Identiing Birds

   Feeding Birds


   Backyard Birds

   Raptors and more

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Free for members          $5 Cost for non-members per week